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Mayweather vs Mcgregor Live – Boxing

Mayweather vs Mcgregor Live Stream, Fight, Watch Online HD

Mayweathervs McGregor Live Stream PPV Fight To Fight 26-August-2017 will be live on live in Pay Per View Las Vegas Nevaga United States. To watch live Mayweathervs McGregor Live you just need to signup to our site and enjoy hot UFC fight live in your devices include Desktop, Laptop, ipad, ipod, smart phone, Apple , Macbook and Etcetera. Enjoy your favorite UFC fight here with High Definition video streaming online and ultra smooth online TV coverage.


Mayweather as Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather as Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is an   Americal professional boxer and the only undefeated boxer who never loosed a single match in his career is going to fight with McGregor as Conor Anthony McGregor as a deadly mixed martial artist. The fight will be live at Pay Per View 26th August,2017 in Las Vegas, Nevaga United States. Surely this match is gonna so deadly and possibly will give us a direful experience of this death fight. Retired boxer  Mayweather with his undefeated career of boxing which is totally undefeated like never loosed a single match in his career must have the enough strength to carry out another single match and win and continue his renown, his undefeated fame of worldwide by winning this match. But the another ferocious fighter McGregor is a mixed martial artist and his ability of carrying out of this match is undoubtedly possible to win and break the Mayweather’s super career record.Fortunately there is a chance for McGregor to win the match cause, there’s a long time Mayweather has retired and played no matches. But unfortunately and very much surprisingly the upcoming fight will be held in and only with the boxing rules and it is really easy to guess why Mayweather has the most chances to win the match and keep his undefeated record of loosing 0 matches in his career. In addition of McGregor’s challenge, both of the fighters will be using 10-ounce boxing gloves instead of the tinier UFC gloves like every UFC fights. And McGregor won’t be allowed to use the leg kicks and apply his mixed martial artist’s techniques and respectively McGregor will weigh in at 154 pound.


The Mystic Mac as McGregor is one the deadly fighters as we remember his remarkable fight with José Aldo, one of the greatest pound for pounded mixed martial artists in December 2015. The Aldo was also undefeated for 10 years before McGregor beats him. That was a pathetic match to Jose Aldo for breaking his ten years of undefeated fame. So it’s not impossible to him this time he couldn’t break the lifetime record of Mayweather’s whole boxing career.


And respectively , the rules of this game is quite a bitter to McGregor and thus the difficulty comes out and enhaces the chances to Mayweather for winning the match and continue his unbroken fame. After all he’s the king of boxing field.

So, Moreover we can’t predict the winner of this deadly, direful and such interesting Fight match of these two greatest fighters of the world and to ensure who’ll win the match, we must have to purchase the PPV . And for the best live video streaming or broadcast of this match we have to click the watch now button and subscribe to the following match’s table.

What date is the fight and at what time?

The fight is happening on Saturday 26 August. While the times haven’t been announced, it will certainly be a late night or very early start for viewers in the UK, so expect to be up well into Sunday 27 August, and possibly calling in sick on Monday 28. The main event begins at 4am BST, but the fight itself may start closer to 5am.

Where is the fight taking place?The bout will be housed in the T-Mobile arena on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. The venue has held major fights in the past, including UFC 202, in which McGregor beat Nate Diaz on points.

How can I watch it on TV?

Sky Sports Box Office will show the hugely-anticipated clash for £19.95 in the UK and €24.95 in the Republic of Ireland. You can buy the fight online here, through a Sky box or online the telephone – 03442 410 888. If you’re calling from the Republic of Ireland, it’s: 0818 220 225.

Telephone bookings after midnight on Friday will increase to £26.95 (online purchases remain at £19.95) before reverting back at 7am next Sunday. The fight will also be repeated in full at 10am and 5pm that day.

What if you do not have Sky? Can I live stream?

Fear not, with the Sky Sports Box Office app you can watch the fights live via your PC/Desktop/MAC, NOW TV box, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet.

It’s simple to sign up, pay and watch – create an account and pay

Virgin TV customers (with a TiVo® or Virgin TV V6 box) can also watch the fight on Sky Sports Box Office. It costs £19.95 for SD and £20.95 for HD.

What are the odds?

Bookies immediately predicted a Mayweather win. William Hill put the veteran fighter at 1/11 favourite. He’s now 2/9 with under a week to go.

Oddsmaker Nick Bogdanovich said the odds would be even more lopsided if it wasn’t for the deluge of small bets expected to come in from UFC fans on their fighter.

“Realistically if we were just putting up a number and didn’t have to take bets on it, Floyd would be 1/100,” Bogdanovich said. “But this will be a very, very big betting fight for sure, one of the biggest ever.”

The Telegraph guide to the best Mayweather v McGregor betting offers including 40/1 on McGregor to win >>

What is the latest news?

Conor McGregor has been driven on through the final stages of the training camp for his August 26 fight with Floyd Mayweather by the increasing ridicule he is receiving.

The 29-year-old fights for the first time as a professional boxer at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena against the undefeated Mayweather, one of the sport’s all-time greats.

McGregor built his reputation as one of the leading figures in the UFC, but few within the boxing community give him any chance of even testing an opponent who is 40 and has been inactive for almost two years.

Most recently America’s Terence Crawford, among the world’s finest fighters, and David Haye have released videos on social media mocking the warm-up technique with which McGregor demonstrates unusually loose and flexible arms.

McGregor manoeuvred his way into such a lucrative fight partly through his clever use of social media, but after insisting he found the videos “light-hearted”, he became defensive and revealed how those doubting him have spurred him on.

“It’s certainly motivating,” the Irishman said. “The disrespect of my skill-set: I look at people and their minds are closed. ‘It’s a set way and there’s no other way’.

“If that was the case we’d never have reached across the waters and searched for other land, and never have gone into space.

“When I hear their disrespect, I use it as motivation and I look forward to going in and educating them. I get it. I’m coming in (to the sport), I understand where it’s at, I’m just looking forward to proving what I’m saying and earning my respect in this game also.

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